Originally created by Ben Lings, Scala-Guice is a wonderful wrapper library. Wanting multibinder support I made a number of additions. When Ben became too busy to maintain the project or publish an official release the community sought out a new maintainer. Being in the wrong place at the right time, my changes appeared to be the most extensive and I was willing to accept others contributions. Shortly after rolling in a number of pull requests the community stalked Ben until he gave his signature of approval to transfer maintainership. After renaming the library to be under my domain (Necessary for Maven-Central) I made the first official release. Oh, and thanks Nate for doing most of the real work while I just sign the binary. 😉


Still early in its infancy, after learning VHDL and Verilog I dreamed of a new HDL that had a modern syntax, unified the complexities of multiple design paradigms (Structural, Data Flow, Behavioral), and allowed easy manipulation of processor busses. Silk was born as part of my Senior Project. I constructed a proof of concept compiler and hope to continue it when time permits.

Background Pi

When I was a wee lad I had dreams of learning to program. Having wet my whistle with Turbo Pascal and HTML I turned to tackling C++. With “C++ in 21 days” in my hand and stumbling across an algorithm to compute 9 digits of pi at a time, I taught myself WIN32 API, WinSock, MySQL, and just about everything else.

Old Forums

Back in the day, we used to run a forum. The need has long since evaporated, the old forum remains as a static copy for historical purposes.